A collection of various sketches, prints, drawings and art from over the years.
Woodcut poster print
Photos: Francis Tatem
I created this poster for ARTCRANK's 2014 D.C. print show. To create the poster, first I photographed my bicycle, used this photo to create a design in Illustrator, then printed and transferred the design to a block of wood. I carved the design by hand and used this woodcut to print the poster.
Letterpress calendar page illustration and print
2020 Letterpress Calendar Page
2017 Letterpress Calendar Page
2019 Letterpress Calendar Page
I designed and printed a month page for the 2016-2019 Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress calendars. I send a digital design to a company to create a photopolymer plate. I use this photopolymer plate with a letterpress printing press create the print.
Figure study sketches
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