I am excited about the opportunity to work with Duke & Duck to create illustrations for animation. As a creative, I have had a variety of experiences and my role can change from project to project. My experiences include creating motion graphics at a broadcast news station, illustrations, graphic design and motion graphics for e-learning training courses, and marketing collateral like document design and social media graphics. I have worked on a team and as the only designer on a project. I also have over two years of experience working remotely.
Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the skills and experience I have that make me a great fit to be an illustrator at Duke & Duck.
I love digital illustration.
In college, I majored in art and my classes included drawing, painting and printmaking. Now, when I create work in Illustrator and Photoshop, I appreciate the time I invested in learning to draw. My current favorite drawing application is Procreate.
Burano Illustrations. 2020. Illustrations by Devin Draudt Sundeen made using Procreate.
Spring 2020. 2020. Illustration by Devin Draudt Sundeen made using Illustrator.
Illustrations: Moving. 2020. Illustrations by Devin Draudt Sundeen.
I am also a motion designer.
My introduction to motion graphics was at a broadcast news station. This experience taught me how to work on a short deadline and also the importance of organizing layers and files for teamwork.
My favorite work at the broadcast news station was creating animated explainers. My role started when a producer gave me a script. Working on a deadline, I thought of an animation concept, then selected and edited stock vectors and photos to create elements to animate. I used After Effects to animate the elements to match the voiceover timing and create the animation. Here are two examples of my animation:
Animation by Devin Draudt Sundeen made using stock vectors and photos.
Now, I like to experiment with illustration styles and using those illustrations to create animations. My favorite examples in my portfolio are my illustrations that I animated. Here are a few examples:
This is why my motion reel now features my illustration, design and animation:
Motion reel. Design, illustration and animation by Devin Draudt Sundeen.
I aspire to use my design skills for good.
My career goal is to use my design and communication skills to help others and create positive change. I am looking for projects and companies that share these values.
What about other styles? Or other media?
Here's a link to a collection of various works of art from over the years to give you a better idea of how I work in different styles and media.
Thank you!
Thank you for considering me for the illustrator opportunity at Duke & Duck. I look forward to talking more about how I can bring my digital illustration skills to the team. Until then, here's a link to my website for more examples of my work:
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