Motion Corpse is a collaborative project based on the Exquisite Corpse art exercise. In thisĀ motion graphics version created by Nol Honig, Frank Suarez and Jesper Bolther, the exercise starts with five artists being given a color palette.

Here is the color palette for Motion Corpse 33:
Each person designs a still frame with only those colors. Here is the still frame I designed, inspired by a backpacking trip to Alaska I had taken that summer:
Next I turn in my still frame. At this point, the only design I have seen is my own. Here is where the real challenge begins: the animation is a total of 25 seconds with each designer animating five seconds. Each of our five-second animations ends with the frame we designed, which means that we need to start with the final frame of the designer before us.

I am Person 5, so I know that my five seconds of animation ends on the camping illustration I have created, but I only now am given the first frame of my animation (Person 4's design).

Here is the final frame of Person 4 (Greg Wilson), which is my starting frame:
In one week, I animate five seconds from this frame to my original design. Here is my final animation:
Next, the organizers combine all of the animations and add music. Here is theĀ final collaborative animation:
Organized by:

Design and Animation:
Lameque Felix
Riccardo Bottoni
Jose Souto
Greg Wilson
Devin Draudt Sundeen

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